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Leaving Niall’s 21st birthday party ~ 7/9

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8,014 plays Centuries Fall Out Boy

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5SOS+fans (part1)
You guys are the best fans in the world. Thank you so much. We owe it all to you. 


God bless November ❤️

Sam Claflin taking pictures with fans at ‘The Riot Club’ World Premiere

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Ansel Elgort attends the ‘Men, Women and Children’ Press Conference at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (September 6, 2014)

Help please? :)

I’m doing a Research Paper in Linguistics and I need people to fill out this survey about the words we use in everyday speech and how this varies across the world.

It’d mean the world if you could fill this out, or just reblogging to help me get the word out!


Sam Claflin, Max Irons and Douglas Booth attend “The Riot Club” World Premiere at TIFF

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